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What People Are Saying

"Caught in Between is a story about discovering who you are, what and who you want to be and what and who you WISH you could be. It's a story about growing pain - physical and emotional, how to see the world and how the world should see you. Its undertones are poetic, sweet, and real. This is a YA book that EVERYONE can relate to!"

-Alexandra Allred, Author of Damaged Goods and White Trash

"Alison L. Perry is a fresh new voice on the fiction scene. Her fun and sexy characters are sharp-tongued and witty - making them real and endearing. Her books are filled with it all - danger, adventure, and romance set on a backdrop of darkness. I was addicted from page one. Her Countess series is adding to the paranormal romance genre with a sophisticated suspense and engaging characters that will leave you hungry for more. Alison has succeeded in giving readers an outstanding debut paranormal performance.”

-Melony Booher

Caught in Between named one of the best YA books of the year.

-IP Magazine, 2017

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