Continuing the journey

When I published Between Lies, it was smack dab in the middle of my daughters' summer vacation. So when I hit that "publish" button, I decided a little break would be good for me. But more importantly, it would be good for my relationship with my family.

For a little over a month, instead of writing, I was swimming, going to museums, and having a fabulous time observing the teeny, tiniest changes in each of my girls. Little changes that happen during the process of growing up. It was a refreshing and much needed time of relaxation. But it was also a little sobering. Their faces, voices, and mannerisms have matured and changed, each in their own way. This is the last year before my oldest starts high school. I want to scream for time to slow down so I can savor the memories we make each day; because I know it won't be long before friends, dating, and school will take up what little time I still have left with her. And then she'll be off to college to start life on her own and the tiny baby I once held in my arms won't need me so much anymore.

My youngest is now in third grade, an eight-year-old going on seventeen. She's my little mini-me when it comes to personality. I see the road ahead of her and I smile and worry at the same time because I know how hard she'll have to fight and I understand how deep her feelings will run. Like her big sister, she's charming and funny, wearing her heart on her sleeve. And again I call for time to slow down so I can watch her even closer and etch her every move in my memory.

But now that summer is officially over (in approx. 2 hours, who's counting?), I've settled back into my writing routine. Book 3 is underway and I'm already laughing at some of the hi-jinks Sadie is getting herself into. What's really funny is many of the situations she lands in are actual events from my past. Of course, I didn't find them all that funny at the time they were happening, but I'm getting great enjoyment re-telling some of these more embarrassing moments. I like to make fun of myself and I like to make people laugh. This has been a fabulous way to do both.

I've also mapped out the long-term future of The In-Betweens series and I'm excited to announce that Book 3 won't be the end. In fact, I have enough story to make at least five books, if not more. It's exciting for me because I love creating and living in this particular world. A touch of paranormal, the awkwardness (and fun) of high school, the charm of life in all screams home to me. I hope this is exciting news for you, too. I've been blessed to find new readers who love Sadie as much as I do, so don't worry... she's not going anywhere!

With that being said, with fall knocking on my door, and with a deadline approaching, I'm diving headfirst into the next leg of my journey. It's going to crazy. And undoubtedly fun!

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