Writing like a boss

I decided to use NaNoWriMo2017 (National Novel Writing Month) as the push to complete Caught Between Worlds (Book 3 of The In-Betweens series). Now, I normally don't like to advertise my participation in this challenge, mainly because I prefer to leave myself an out in case something happens that sends me down a rabbit hole (it happens more than I'd like to admit). But, this year it felt different. I am motivated, y'all, With a capital M. And excited! This is shaping up to be a super fun book.

I've set my goal for total word count and a daily writing goal. So far, I'm happy to say I'm right on track to finish by the end of November. This is exciting stuff for a couple of reasons. First, it will give me more time than I'm used to (cough) for editing and revisions. And second, I'm going to launch an ARC team (Advanced Reader Copy) for this book, which means there will be more time for those who join the team to read and review it. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, you can sign up for my newsletter and be the first to know when the team is being created (hint: it's going to be soon)!

Okay, guys, I have to get back to writing.... Sadie's waiting for me. I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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