The House of Kesteel Series


Locked in a centuries-old war, the vampires’ numbers are dwindling as competing covens continue their long-term bloodbath. Their future rests on the shoulders of one feisty and fiery vampire and the man she’s been committed to for five hundred years.

Everlyn is the Countess of the Kesteel House, prophesied to assume the Vampyrian Queenship and bear the child who will reunite the warring vampire covens. Jackson is her Chosen, bound to Everlyn at birth to stand by her side and further the Kesteel bloodline—a fact that both annoys and stirs something deep inside her. 

Yet a sinister agenda to prevent the couple from unifying the vampire species is revealed through a mysterious young girl Everlyn meets by chance. And as the time to assert her birthright grows close, Everlyn’s enemies emerge bolder and stronger than she could have imagined. But it’s not until Jackson’s life is threatened, and an evening of celebration turns deadly, that it becomes evident the real danger may lie within Everlyn herself. 

Discovering her emotions ignite more than
her passions, Everlyn must find a way to use her gift for the greater good. Can her newfound power help or hinder her goal to protect her Chosen and her species?

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