The In-Betweens

She’s not like the others…

Sixteen-year-old Sadie is a vampire who faints at the sight of blood, trips over her own feet, and can only, at best, be called cute. 

As the imperfect middle child in a perfect vampire family, she struggles to fit into a world where she is different from everyone else. 

Forced to follow her parents’ wishes by attending University, the local finishing school for graceful young vampires, she soon becomes the laughingstock of her oh-so-perfect class. But when the most popular boy on campus comes to her rescue and calls her “beautiful,” Sadie becomes the target of a group of mean girls who rule the school.

Plagued by a series of embarrassing failures, Sadie is kicked out of University and must face reality: she doesn’t belong with vampires. And when a mysterious elder vampire seeks her out with vague and cryptic conversation, she’s even more convinced that something is amiss. 

With no other acceptable choice for her future, Sadie must convince her traditional vampire parents to let her do something unheard of for vampires her age. But questions continue to plague her. Is she truly a vampire? Or is she something else?

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Sadie Criswel is a teenage vampire misfit who can’t do anything right. After flunking out of University, where she couldn’t keep up with her vampire peers, she’s persuaded her parents to let her try human high school, where she hopes to better fit in.

Now attending Jefferson High, Sadie makes new friends… and foes. To thwart a new set of mean girls, she accidentally ends up running for 
Homecoming queen
. And though she’s still dating Kade, from University, Jefferson’s resident bad boy catches her eye. But her new school adventure raises more questions about her existence. Why does her science teacher look so much like her vampire boyfriend? Why does her previous vampire teacher follow her to Jefferson High? And why does Harper, her new close friend, seem so familiar yet have so many secrets of her own?

After Pen, a member of the Firsts, reveals important clues about why Sadie is different from other vampires, pieces of the puzzle fall into place. But it’s not until real danger confronts Sadie and Harper that they realize their past and present are tied together, raising the biggest question of all: Who can Sadie trust?

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Balancing life as a vampire and human is harder than she thought…

Ever since Sadie decided to hide her vampirism by masquerading as a normal sixteen-year-old high school student, her world has plunged into chaos. Still a clumsy mess who attracts trouble and embarrassment like bees to honey, she’s navigating a slew of challenges: the fallout from an explosive Homecoming queen showdown, knocking out the school’s newly returned golden girl in gym class, and falling head-over-heels in love with Cam, the supposed bad boy of the school.

As a test subject in a secret experimental vampire program gone wrong, Sadie also has a target on her back. To erase all traces of the failed program, the elite vampire First Families want her dead and have gone to extreme measures to make it happen.

Now Sadie must deal with a shadowy stalker who seems to relish the hunt, using her and her loved ones as pawns in a sinister game of his own making. Can she survive his schemes and protect her friends and family at the same time?

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